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Description de l'activité

Located at the heart of the ’European Quarter’ of Brussels Pappas & Associates was founded in 2004 by Spyros Pappas, a former DG in the European Commission, DG and Professor of Law at the European Institute for Public Administration (Maastricht), SG of NCPA and Judge at the Hellenic Supreme Administrative Court. Given the interconnection between Community and national law, P&A is often present at the national level through its own associates or its overseas partners and corresponding offices. P&A offers EU and other international companies an insight into EU related affairs with the view to anticipating problems, capitalizing on opportunities in a proactive manner and effectively tackling them before the European Institutions or ultimately the General Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union. The main focus areas practiced concentrate on competition law, public procurement, environment, health and consumer protection, audiovisual policy, digital safety, internet privacy, IPR, patents, copyright, sport policy, EU and WTO, energy, road and maritime transport, aviation, taxation, financial services and banking sector. In parallel to the legal advice and litigation, P&A organizes policy oriented round tables and publishes a monthly Newsletter aimed at being a regular and neutral update of EU making in practice.

Parcours professionnel

Spyros A. PAPPAS Attorney at Law-Member of the Athens and Brussels Bar Associations Former : Judge in the Supreme Administrative Court (Conseil d’Etat), Secretary General of the National Centre of Public Administration, Professor of European Law at EIPA, Director General of the European Institute of Public Administration (Maastricht), Director General at the European Commission

Rue Stevin 49-51, B-1000, Brussels  : +32-2-2315704

Date of birth : 1 January 1953 - Place of birth : Athens - Married, 2 children


1974 : Degree in Law (University of Athens) 1976 : Cours de Civilisation Francaise, University of Sorbonne, 1976 : Post-Graduate Diploma in Administrative Law (Panteios School of Economic and Political Sciences) 1977 : Post-Graduate Degree (D.E.A.) in Public Administration and Public Law (University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne) 1979 : Certificate in Community Law (Directorate for European Affairs of the Ministry for Coordination) 1986 : Degree in Political Science (University of Athens) 1987 : Advanced Management Programme (INSEAD, Fontainebleau) 1994 : Certificate in The U.S.Governmental System (The Brookings Institution,Washington,D.C.)


1976 : Barrister in Athens 1978 : ’Auditor’ at the Council of State (Supreme Administrative Court) 1981 : Special advisor for checking the legality of administrative acts publishable in the Official Journal in the legal office of the Prime Minister ; organisation and putting into function of the service for the checking of the legality ; 1982 : Member of the Central Commission for the Drafting of Laws 1983 : ’Maître des Requêtes’ at the Council of State 1984 : Member of the Supreme Council of the Church of Greece as a representative of the Council of State 1985 : (First) Secretary-General of the National Centre of Public Administration ; setting-up of the National School of Public Administration and the Institute of Permanent Training 1988 : Associate Professor at the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA), Maastricht 1989 : Director of Faculty at EIPA 1990-1995 : Director-General at EIPA 1992 : Professor of European Law at EIPA 1995 : Director General for Consumer Policy, European Commission Co 1996 : Barrister at the Supreme Court and the Council of State 1997 : Director General, DG X “Information, Communication, Culture and Audiovisual Media”, European Commission 1999 : Director General of Education and Culture, European Commission 2000-2001 : Advisor “Hors Classe” (A1) in the field of quality control and performance management, European Commission

2001- : Attorney-at-Law, Pappas & Associates, Member of the Athens and Brussels Bar Associations.


Greek mother tongue French fluent (active/passive) English fluent (active/passive) German good basic knowledge, active and passive


1976 : La Constitution de la Grèce de 1975, éd. Fondation de Droit Administratif, Athens, p. 110 ;

1977 : Le régime de Planification en Grèce, University of Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris ;

1979 : ’Procédure du Retrait des Actes Administratifs en Droit hellénique’, in ’Sur la Forme et la Procédure de l’Acte administratif’, in : Economica, Paris ; 1980 : ’La Présomption de légalité’, in : Réforme Administrative, No. 3, p. 50, Athens ;

1980-1981 : ’Présentation des Hautes Juridictions étrangères et de leurs Arrêts’, in cooperation with Prof. Pr. Pavlopoulos, in : Le Journal de la Constitution, Athens ; 1981-1984 : ’Revue de la Jurisprudence Administrative’, in : Revue de Droit Public, Athens ;

1981 : ’La Liberté de la Presse’, in : Reforme Administrative, No. 6 and 7, Athens ;

1982 : ’La Distinction entre les Décrets réglementaires et les Décrets individuels’, in : Réforme Administrative, No. 11, Athens ; 1984 : ’La Suspension des Fonctionnaires’ in : Réforme Administrative, No. 17, Athens ;

1985 : ’Le Domaine Public’ (p. 100), published in « L’Interprétation du Code Civil » of Professors S. Georgiades and M. Stathopoulos ; 1985 (until 1994) : ’Riforma delle autonomie in Europa’, annual contribution on Greece in : Annuario 1992 delle Autonomie Locali, Edizioni delle Autonomie ; 1987 : ’La Protection du Principe de la Confiance Justifiée’, in : Encyclopédie de l’Administration,No.1,Athens ;

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1990 : ’The Public Administration of the Member States of the EC Confronted to 1992’, in : Revue hellénique de Droit Européen, 1990, p. 325-329, Thessaloniki ; 1990 : Le Tribunal de Première Instance, European Institute of Public Administration, Maastricht ;

1991 : ’Human, Political and Social Rights’, in : The Greek State, 1991, ed. Mathioudakis-Andronopoulos, p. 29-50, Athens ; 1991 : ’Public Administration vis-à-vis Entrepreneurship’, in ELKEPA, Athens ;

1991 : ’The Legal Basis for Action to be Taken by the European Community in the Field of Environment’ (with reference to Articles 100a and 130s of the EEC Treaty) in : Subsidiarity : The Challenge of Change, European Institute of Public Administration Maastricht, p. 119-125 ; 1992 : ’De la Gestion Publique Communautaire’, in : Les Etats Modernes à la Recherche d’une Nouvelle Efficacité, Londez Conseil, Paris. Also published in Belgium, Portugal and Finland ; 1992 : ’The Court of Justice of the European Communities and European Integration’, in : Schriftenreihe:Verwaltungswissenschaftliche Studien, Verwaltungsakademie des Bundes, Vienna ; 1992 : ’La bureaucratie bruxelloise, mosaïque composite’, in : L’Etat de l’Europe, Editions La Découverte, Paris ;

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1996 : ‘The European Union’s Common Foreign and Security Policy : the Challenges of the Future’, European Institute of Public Administration. (co-edited with S. Vanhoonacker) ; 1996 :‘Politiques publiques dans l’Union européenne in Integracion Eurolatinoamericana,Editiones Ciudad Argentina, p.237-248 ; 1996 : Speeches and Articles on Consummer Policy.

1997 : The activities of the EU and sport , in Auswirkungen der EU-Politiken auf den Sport, DSB ; 1998 : ‘Informar a los Cindadanos de la UE:Un Reto y una necesidad in DirCom Anuario de Comunicacion,Madrid ; 1998 : Überlegungen der Europäischen Kommission zur Rolle der audiovisuellen Regulierungsbehörden’, in Audiovisuelle Medien und Behörden,Wien ; 1999 : ‘Digital television and EU audiovisual policy’, in Unlocking the power of digital television, DigiTag ;

1999 : Brüssel und die europäische Identität in Europäische Beschichtskultur im 21.Jahrhundert,ed.Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland,Nicolai ; 1997-2000 : Speeches and Articles on Audiovisual Policy, Culture and European Integration, Environment, Information and Communication Policy and Sport ; 2001 : Articles on “The new European Governance” in the European weekly “The New Europe” and in the greek newspaper “Ependitis, “The Euro-Digital Democracy” in “Eleftherotipia”, “After Nice : more intergovernmental or more federal” in “Industrial Review”, “The paradoxes of the European Community” and “The cultural dimension of Euro” in “Ependitis” etc.

2001 : “Olympic Games and the protection of the civil cultural heritage”, in Olympic Games and the Environment, ed. Sakkoula ;

2001 : “The alteration of the right of initiative of the European Commission”, in Futurum (site of the European Convention) and in “Problèmes d’ interpretation” in the memory of Judge K. Kakouris, ed. Bruylant, 2004 ;

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2003 : Article 10, in Commentary article by article of the Treaty of the European Union and of the Treaty establishing the European Community, ed. Sakkoulas Publishers ;

2004 : Articles 149-153, 249-256 in Commentary, see above

2004 : The competence of the European Commission to issue regulatory “executive” decisions, in the Volume for the 75th anniversary of the Conseil d’Etat

2005 : Morale and change in the European Union, in “Everything flows”, Landmarks in association with ECPA, 2005, Brussels 2005 : Competitiveness and Data protection, by Spyros A. Pappas, published in the Collective Volume in the honor of Prof. A. Georgiades, ed. A. Sakkoulas, Athens 2005. 2005 : Pro-action vs Reaction within the EU 2006 : When Competition Law is a Commercial Tool, in New Europe, June 18-24, 2006 Issue Number 682 2006 : The Roaming and Content battles : is it all to the consumers’ benefit ? in EU Reporter 10-19 October 2006 2006 : Time for a smokeless society ? in New Europe, (22.10.2006) 2006 : The Lisbon Strategy and its implementation 2006 : Bringing the European Union Closer to Its Citizens : The Role of the “European Public Service” and of EIPA 2007 : The status and future of indefinite contracts within the EU 2007 : Do excise duties on tobacco promote a “smoke-free Europe” ? in Europolitics , 23.4.2007. 2007 : There’s a spy on your desktop, in European Voice, 8-14 November 2007 2007 : Is European audiovisual policy a driver to European identity or a carrier to further globalization ? 2007 : “Implementation of competition rules in mergers and protection of personal data”, Evropaion Politeia 3/2007 2007 : Human health or internal market ? A fine balancing act, in EU Reporter, November 2007-January 2008 2008 : A law with unintended consequences, Spyros Pappas, in European Voice, 4.12.2008 2008 : Google’s privacy practices continue to fall short of EU standards, Europolitics, 09.10.2008 Google continue de ne pas respecter la loi européenne, Europolitique, 09.10.2008 2008 : Unlike lobbyists, lawyers are part of the judicial system, Europolitics, 18.9.2008 Les avocats font partie du système judiciaire, Europolitique, 18.9.2008 2008 : Google deal tests e-frontiers, in European Voice, 28.8.2008 2008 : The Fate of Yahoo also concerns Europeans, in Europolitcs, 16.4.2008, 3511, p. 15 Le sort de Yahoo concerne aussi les Européens, Europolitique, 16.4.2008, 3511, p.15 2009 : Second look at Oracle-Sun takeover is warranted in European Voice’s weekly e-Alert, 28.09.2009 2009 : “If only democracy and rule of law still meant something” / “Si démocratie et Etat de Droit signifient encore quelque chose”, Europolitics No 3767, p. 28, 8.6.2009 2009 : Is Microsoft ruling an example of European protectionism ? Letter in European Voice, 29.1.2009 2010 : La crise grecque : dégénérescence ou régénération de l’intégration européenne ? / Greek crisis : Degeneration or regeneration of European integration ?, Europolitique, jeudi 11 mars 2010, p. 16 2010 : Google and privacy : The hard drive that broke the camel’s back, in Europolitics 3986 / Google et vie privée : le disque dur qui fait deborder le vase, Europolitique 3986


1968 : Distinction of the Pan-Greek Dissertation ; 1970-1973 : Honorary title of State Scholar ; 1976 : First Prize of the Foundation for Administrative Law ’Michel Stassinopoulos’ ; 1977 : Scholar of the Council of Europe ; 1994 : Officer in the Order of Merit of the Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg for the diffusion of Community law in the Member States and the creation of the European Centre of Judges and Lawyers in 1992 ; 1998 : “Medal of Honor” from the European Institut (Lodz) for the contribution to Poland’s integration process into the EU ; 2000 : Honorary Fellow of the European College of Sport Science (Universities of Cologne and Jyväskyla ; 2000:Honorary Member of the Association of European Journalists (The Hague)


Petty officer in the Navy


-  Member of the Commission of Information on National Affairs, (Athens)
-  Member of the Greek Institute for Administrative Studies
-  Founder Member of the Association of the Judges of the Hellenic Council of State
-  Member of the Institute of Public Administration, (Athens)
-  Member of the Committee for the Drafting of the Encyclopedia of Administration, (Athens)
-  Ex-Chairman (1993-1995) of the ’Vorstand’ of the International East-West-Academy (IOWA-Bonn)
-  Member (1993-1997) of CEPS (Centre for European Policy Studies) International Advisory Council (Brussels)
-  Member (1992) of the Scientific Council of the ’Academia Istropolitana, (Institute of Advanced Studies,(Bratislava)
-  Associate Member (1990-1995) of MEDEL (Association des Magistrats européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés,Düsseldorf)
- Chartered Member and ex-President (1993-1995) of the Lions Club International:Maastricht Mondial
-  Member (1992) of the Foundation for Hellenic Culture
-  Substitute Board Member (1995-1997) of the Open University, (Athens)
-  Member (1993-2001) of the Scientific Council of the Centre of International and European Economic Law (Thessaloniki)
-  Member (1997-1999) (representing the EC) of the European Institute for the Media
-  (Düsseldorf)
-  Vice-president (2001-2005) of the Committee for the Celebration of the Treaties of Rome-COCEROM, Brussels
- Founder member of the Cycladic Academy for Europe (Tinos)
- Member (2000-2006) of the Management Board of the European Center of Public Affairs and Associate Fellow, University of Surrey, England
- Member of the Chamber of the Environmental Law (Athens)
- Member of the Chamber of the Administration (Athens)
- Member (2002-2009) of the Advisory Board of PEGI (Brussels)
- Member of the PEGI Complaints Board
-  Chairman of the PEGI Enforcement Committee
- Member (2002-2004) of the Competition and Institutional Committees of AMCHAM (Brussels)
- General Delegate of the International Academy of Gastronomy
- Board member of EURONEM (Athens)
- Vice-president of the Centre of European Culture (Brussels)
- Member of AIACE
- Member of the Athens Bar Association
- Member of the Brussels Bar Association

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